Yearn Yahweh

Then Yahweh answered me and said,
Write the vision down,
Inscribe it on tablets
To be easily read

Yearn Yahweh, Benjamin Elijah, the Eloah waxing Moon Woman. Learn Yahweh, Benjamin Elisha, the Elohim double mantle and Moon Woman portion, your placental person born gold and silver. Learn rich in years yearling: yearn olive branch grafted ground grid Godhead, and the goddess melts molts mantle silver slivers the shards of the dimly lit mirror. Glass Yahweh golden: shimmer Eloah silver: LORD Yahweh and Jehovah darkly answers. Answer dark: answer dim: answer dawn: dirn desert diurnal midnight prayer the tiers prime terce and terse, and Taryn testifies on tablets the desert descent decided undeciable. Taryn tunes the clear tock: rock vibrating vision. Taryn tines the clear time: ruby rarefying viewing. I view Yahweh: I vision KRYSXTRYN.

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