Draw Near

Draw near to God and he will draw near to you

Draw dense dark: draw down dark, a God drowning and a God deluge: the downpour drenches desert. Draw raw dark: draw deep dark, the Woman as ark: her widows to windows wed darkness destitute, a red rain red sea sea of reeds salting. Draw near dark: a nearness new and nearness nearly noon but the now eclipses Woman: Moon Woman, Lunar Lady, Lady Liminal but Liturgy, and I pray near to now, a none nothing of Yahweh God, and his none knows her. His nothing knows her dark gnosis and blue burden, three alphas and omegas spelling Sophia. She spells you: she spills you: she nears you as a Godhead and Goddess and Yahweh Our God is One. Yahweh our God is One Offering One Oracle One Burden hidden her dark desert, but her water wells oasis, revelation in nothing and near. Draw her water: draw near.

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