While you, Lord

While you, Lord – how long?

While wilderness: a pelican in wilderness, an owl in wilderness / Rebekah the well with woman. While woman and awhile wilderness, the wiles and whims of Woman seduces me, a Taryn Temptress: a Taryn Lilith: a Taryn Rebekah, a Mary to her chosen son Jacob, and from Jacob I become Joseph.

While you, Lord – how long?

You Yahweh: You Yahweh Elohim and Yahweh Saboath and El Elyon. You yap as yeast contaminating my whole dough your daughter, and you birth me Benjamin, son and daughter in sorrow, and sorrow salves a sage. Sorrow sews and sows and sees, the seams between sovereign and salvation, and I know my Savior lives.

While you, Lord – how long?

Lord, I lens loss and loss. Lord, I lens look and listen, and I do not experience. I experience and do not experience Lord but you lord over me and with me. I exasperate and exacerbate but Elohim explores my nothing.

While you, Lord – how long?

How holy and harrowing Yahweh hells and heavens: how holy and hallowing Elohim skies and Hades. He hades her and hides her, the skies with she, and she shades shares shaking.

While you, Lord – how long?

Long, to the length of my Lady: long and long, lengthening to Our Lady, and she loops the light and might, Mary with Christ and Christ with Christina, the layers of my salvation and redemption. My redemption makes makeless males and females the Godhead: my salvation masculines and feminines Ein Sof, an absolute abyss, and Yahweh absolves me dissolves me definite darkness, a desert unknowing and desert belowing.

While you, Lord – how long?

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