He hath destroyed me

He hath destroyed me on every side and I am gone

Yahweh hath hatched his destruction and deconstruction: Yahweh hints hits and hell, brimstone against Benjamin. Yahweh in haste cuts heaven from me, and decimates my desire. He dooms me to demise, death in all directions. Every side, torment and serpents. I sit sick, fiery seraph subjecting me to soul sleep. Death descends and then deserts me: I find no relief from Yahweh.

You make darkness

You make darkness and it is night, when all the creatures of the forest creep

Darkness darkens dark, dark left and right: darkness darkens dark, dark north and south. Darkness directs two directions then four directions, omnipresent and oppressive. Darkness dooms nights and night, and near no night that knocks dark, and the dark shines. The dark shimmers night then nights, and night fills fulfills forest fright. Creatures cudgel cuddle forest furnace, a fern flows foolstead and forest flows dark and night.

My breath is corrupt

My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, the graves are ready for me

My breath is corrupt: corrupt Benjamin breathes Christ. Corrupt Benjamin breathes Christina, a calling clipped to the name Christian. Call Christian: cleave Christian: cling Christian. Christian names and numerates Benjamin Joseph, and I expire sacrament. I inspire sacrament, a sacred vision, and corrupt sin transforms into Christian redemption.

My days are extinct: I exhale day, and devonian ending. I inhale beginning and ending, the slaying and extinction of Leviathan and Sinuous Serpent. I exhale Christian, which does not extinct although I aim the axe towards it, and Christian cries and accumulates as hydra, days multiplying.

The graves are ready for me: graves groan for kenosis and incarnation. Graves gallop towards Christ’s birth and body, awaiting corrupt crucifixion and carnal extinction. I keep the name Christian carnal, faith in my flesh and I boast of my body. I beat my body and bare my breast Christ and Christina, Christian Male and Female and Christian without Male and Female. The graves ready for Christian resurrection: my Christian resurrection.

I Have Sewed Sackcloth

I have sewed sackcloth on my skin and defiled my horn in the dust

I sew sackcloth to Spirit, and I see Spirit sow my mourning. I sew wild wind from South, and South medges meets North, a knocking nuptials to my bitter beloved. Wind wasps my skin, a sinking still sting, and sting stems root cooked and root raw. I round my root as rope mourning: I rope my root round in weeping. Welp weep wild and with weep wilderness, a wonder in the wound, and my wound woes root to my Spirit Beloved.

I defile my horn in the desert. I defile my heart thorned with horns in dust and desert, a dark dreaming. I dream day and I dream dark, my horn hesitatating to gore nations, and my horn houses four corners and four elements, the cul-de-sac enclosing earth. Horn hosts her, Yahweh Saboath, a sword and spear.

Short meditation #1 and #2

Be still and know that I am God

Yes, Yahweh: Yes, I yield. I yield to you, Yahweh. Still in Spirit, given by Ghost, and God gives grace by gnosis. Be still, Benjamin: see. Hear and see and taste and see. See grass see ground see garden: Gethsemane. Prayer in pain and pain in present: presence. Presence God and presence Christ, the crux and cry of Creation. Here now hear my prayer: Lord hear my prayer and let my cry come unto thee. Let my creation come unto thee, camped in Creation and camped in Christ: my body his body suffering in Spirit and Spirit beyond suffering. Let this cup pass from me: yet I yield to you: I say my yes to you. Yes, Yahweh. Yes, Woman. Yes, KRYSXTRYN.


Focus Word, the grammar of God.
Focus World, the generation of God.

I write Word and work Word, Word into the World. I write and reach Word, letters on wings, each a light and illumination, and letters ladder a clinging climb to Christ, the Word from the beginning. Climb to Christ: focus on flesh, the body embodied Thanksgiving and Eucharist.

Focus Word, the grammar of God
Focus World, the generation of God


God of Seeing

God of seeing

God sees: God seizes. God sure sluices slender, the narrow river that splits unto four at the head of Eden. God sight: God sly: God sweet

God of my seeing

I see God: I seize God. I cry God surely the sire of my seeing, my narrow vision that splits valley of burden. I sight God: I taste God: God how sweet!

God who sees me

God sees me: God seizes me. God slices straight into my soul and spirit, splitting my head into four blood rivulets and four chariots. God slays: God slivers: God swords sweet.

The LORD has testified against me

The LORD has testified against me and the Almighty has brought calamity upon me

Yahweh, you testify against me and trouble me. You try me and tempt me. You thrust me unto your tempest and attack, and I cannot utter any defense. Your very name places me under a yoke, and although I yearn for you and say yes to your every burden, you bind me under bondage.

El Shaddai shackles me in shame and creates calamity and cataclysm upon my crown. He cracks open my skull, and all my innards leak. He crucifies cruelly and concocts strange torture. El Shaddai condemns me to Sheol and grinds my guts in the grave.