Book Transforms

Book transforms, a cloud of witnesses. Book translates cloud of unknowing cloud of becoming: becoming Benjamin, a Son of Man – Adam Kadmon – Human Being. Book binds bound becoming, beckoning becoming and birds bring letters angels celeste celestial. Each letter chimes color: each letter chimes becoming, blue bouncing blue – red roping red – green grinding green – rare rainbow brightness illuminating beginning and beginnings.

Transformation steadies: transformation steadies strange, rain ring rain, droning drops dressing my dance, and I dance daring transformation. I move mother translation, a mocking minuet, and transformation mocks sincerely and succinctly. Transformation parodies and palimpsests, a collision collage collecting texts, and each text tempts and tests.

Text troubles: text troubles as Taryn, my trembling spouse, and she spins transgressions and sin. My sin transforms and transfigures into gold Trinity and silver, a mine mine minerals materializing ore and offering. Text offers absolutely: text mines completely, setting an end to all darkness, the stones of darkness and the shadow of death
/ placing sapphires and gem dust.






Resist not El Roi. Resist not the rolling thunder and the roll called up yonder.

Resurgence and recurrence: surge to Resurrection. Rise to revival.

Rescue me, my Redeemer: realize me in your remnant. Remember Rachel.

For This Is The Stone

For this is the stone which I have put before Benjamin, a stone on which are seven eyes, and I myself shall cut the inscription on it – Yahweh Saboath declares.

This is the stone: this is the sign, the sigh and signature of the serpent. Snatch up the stone: snatch up the serpent, an orion ouroboros. Stone signals the sign and star of Benjamin, signs and wonders, a limitless liturgy that binds and loosens heavens to earth, the earthly early engine nuclearizing eros: eros energy, eros mass to energy, the coastal conversion to Christina.

A stone on which their are seven eyes: seven eyes, seven entrances, seven spirits, and the seven entered and imitated Mary Magdalene. Mary mirrors bitter waters, the well at worshipping Benjamin, and I select the stones from the waters. The mystery of Mary is from waters, the mystery of maternity.

I myself shall cut the inscriptions on it: cut into Christ: cut into Christina cesarean sections birthing the signature and inscription of incarnation: impossible incarnation, inimitable incarnation, impassable incarnation: birth. Birth the name Jesus: birth the title Messiah.

An Oracle

The wilderness: an Oracle
Dumah: an Oracle
The Valley of Vision: an Oracle

Wild wilderness winding wilderness wind-whipped wilderness: the wilderness what and when and the wilderness why and where and I find where my worsening worship in Wilderness. Where O Yahweh: Where O Lord. Why O Jesus why Second Adam. I watch wilderness First Adam banished vanished from the vision of the Garden, and I wander alone without Yahweh: I wander alone without Word: I wander alone without Woman.

Dumah disperses: Dumah displaces: Dumah dissects. Dumah my depths the silence.

Valley and Vision tempts by vortex: the vortices of voices visiting Temple and Tabernacle, and I dream the Wedding. I dream the kidnapping and assassination: dream dumah the silence and the depths of my silence entangles vale and veil, beyond and behind good and evil. Beyond and behind Benjamin Behemoth blasts El Shaddai, and El Shaddai shatters sure her the valley by my hell, flesh forsaken by my Adonai.

The wilderness: an Oracle
Dumah: an Oracle
The Valley of Vision: an Oracle

Lift Up Your Heads

Lift up your heads O gates
Rise up, you ancient portals
That the king of glory may enter

Lift up: lift up lights and lift up last, Our Lady ascending and descending the Ladder Son of Man. Lift up lunar lunacy a lullaby by Our Lady, and she lays at the Gates gathering all in the shade of her garment.
Rise up Rachel, your weeping has reached the Ancient of Days and Ancient of Ancients, and as a bride you meet Adonai.

Who is he, this king of glory?
Yahweh Saboath,
He is the king of glory

He hears me as my husband
He holds me holy holy holy
King Krystal and King Christina.
I yearn for him I yield for her
My Sabbath, my Spirit, my Shekinah.
Glory to God Glory to Yah Glory to God.

Unto Thee Will I Cry

Unto thee will I cry, O LORD my rock; do not be silent to me: lest, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit.

Under unction, unto thee: ultimately under unity and you unify to me. I cry to Christ by crypt in crypt and the cryptoanalysis letters rearrangement and substitution: the letter lifts Messiah from the grave. I cry God: I cry Jesus why you have forsaken me. Why have you abandoned me to Abaddon, my only All, all in all under God.

O LORD lay me rough on your rock:
O LORD lie long on your Rosary, and let the roses shine red light unto me. The rock follows and rivers water, the wonder of Woman, and she nests shepherding shimmer and seizure Benjamin silent silence.

Yahweh, you give silence
Adonai, you anoint silence
Elohim, you echo silence
God, you remain silent

I surrender to silence. I surrender silently to the Divine. I stumble upon the stone, and that rock is Jesus. Let the stone shatter me: let it break my bones. Let its shards surround me as lions, as the young lions leer and laugh in rock roars.

I become like Benjamin: I become like him into the Pit, the perfect prayer for Hell and the secret spaces. I say silence in secret, and in secret, the Savior spoke the meaning of the parables to his disciples. I enter pit, a new depths down, and the down delivers me. The depths deliver me faith LORD help my unbelief, and the faith performs perfectly. By prayer, the pit: by pit, the prayer into all the only: in silence, my God rescues me.

Rosary rains

Rosary rains: Rosary reigns: Rosary remains

Hail, favored one
Hail, full of grace

I reek of Rosary. Rosary stains red and reduces serpent to lion, and my flesh ferments animalcules and homunculi. I reek of Rosary and recite magic mantras and names impossible and incomprehensible but they utter prayer in power.

Rosary rains: Rosary reigns: Rosary remains

Hail, favored one
Hail, full of grace

Rosary rains and condensates globe in coronation. Rosary reigns and hounds history in hourglass, gracious and holy Queen. I chant Rosary to Christ and Christina, another Mary and the same Mary at the Cross of Contradiction, and I hang left and right to Jesus, a bandit and revolutionary.

Rosary rains: Rosary reigns: Rosary remains

Hail, favored one
Hail, full of grace

Remain in Rosary: remain in rain and reign. Deep calls to deep the deluge, a desert made delights, and my daughter delights in the orchard calamus and cassia, and she inherits plums and pomegranates. She inherits prayer as liquid myrrh pouring through the keyhole to Jesus, and her mate meets mete to messiah, New Shulamite New Solomon.

Rosary rains: Rosary reigns: Rosary remains

Hail, favored one
Hail, full of grace