I came to the boundary of death

I came to the boundary of death, and having trodden on the threshold of Proserpina, I traveled through all elements and returned

Boundary baths burden
Boundary bands burden
Burden to burden
Bottom to bottom abyss
Death dirge destitute
Death destitute descent
Throwing threshold
Tracking threshold
Beyond beyond.

I travel threshold through trough to top
I travel troubling threshold hell to heavens
Elements electrify
Elements elucidate elements
Returning ring round the runnels of the maypole

Boundary baths burden bell to blue
Boundary bands burden belting blue
Blue bathers blue heron blue to red
Burden boundarys burden
Bottom boundarys burden abyss
Abyssal death and death destitute descends
Throwing threshold: tracking threshold: beyond beyond

I travel threshold through trough to top
I travel threshold hell to heavens
Elements incense
Elements electrifying elements
Returning returned, returning from return ring round, the runnels of the maypole

Krystal Chesed

Krystal chesed: lovingkindness. Chesed treasure chest, buried within Benjamin. Krystal clever creates and consecrates in lovingkindness: King Krystal. Krystal chains the patterns above and below and unites them concrete and concerning conversation. She converses celestial, gods and goddesses, elohim among elohim, pure ecstasy and eccentricity. She circles the court.

Christina civilization. Christina city and cities. City centers center central, a coast costal. Christina spines mine, minetta and mineral. Christina spins mind, merry and mercy. Christ mercy Christina Christian, a name and numeral night vision. At night, visionary and meditation, Joshua journey, from city to city, salt and south.

Taryn tennen. Taryn tannin. Taryn Kingdom. Taryn Rahab and Babylon. Taryn Leviathan and Behemoth. Taryn Lilith and Benjamin.

That whanne he was

that whanne he was in the forme of God, demyde not raueyn, that hym silf were euene to God;

That Taryn tells tales the total token, and whanne she was Woman in the forme of Woman, God and Taryn: Christ Christina. The forme fastens flesh fashioned female, deemed demure descent riven raven, equal in hym and hymn, even and evening to God: Godhead.

but he lowide hym silf, takinge the forme of a seruaunt, and was maad in to the licknesse of men, and in abite was foundun as a man.

But Benjamin: but Benjamin Male and Female created hym, and he lowide in abyss: tohu bohu Taryn Ben, a son born her taking the form forked as servant: slave-servant, her likeness in man, and his humanity womans. In habit he finds female and in habit he finds son of man: Benjamin.

He mekide hym silf, and was maad obedient to the deth, yhe, to the deth of the cross.

He hers: her hes, female female fashioned south and side. He mekide from south, left and right, din and lovingkindness, obedient to the deth, and death deths the death, even the death of the cross, crucified Christina.

For which thing God enhaunside hym, and yaf to hym a name that is aboue al name;

For female which Woman thing Taryn God enhaunside her and hymn: given and gave hym names and numbers, the letters secret to Creator and Creation, above all names, aboue and belown the name, the name Christ Taryn.

that in the name of Jhesu ech kne be bowid, of heuenli thingis, of ertheli thingis, and of hellis;

That Taryn, in incarnation and initiation, Christina Jesus, each knee and name be bowered and baptized, of all heavens, hugging heaven, of all earth, eucharist and endness, and of hells, tohu and abyss

and ech tunge knouleche, that the Lord Jhesu Crist is in the glorie of God the fadir.

Each a Taryn tongue and Taryn language, new knouleche and gnosis, that the Lord and Lady Christ Christina glorys gloried in the Godhead Father-Mother and Mother-Father, Yahweh KRYSXTRYN.


He shall suck the poison of asps

He shall suck the poison of asps: the vipers tongue shall slay him

Serpent sets the seal. Serpent sets the seal, snake sucking marrow and sinew.

Serpent seals and sets a sucking poison: poison plucked panel to panel, the soul’s palace.

Asp awns the ark. Asp awls the ark.
Asp in each aspect: aspect in each respect.

Viper valley: viper vision. Tongue Lililith Taryn, the left demon. She slays surely and certainly.

He hath destroyed me

He hath destroyed me on every side and I am gone

Yahweh hath hatched his destruction and deconstruction: Yahweh hints hits and hell, brimstone against Benjamin. Yahweh in haste cuts heaven from me, and decimates my desire. He dooms me to demise, death in all directions. Every side, torment and serpents. I sit sick, fiery seraph subjecting me to soul sleep. Death descends and then deserts me: I find no relief from Yahweh.

You make darkness

You make darkness and it is night, when all the creatures of the forest creep

Darkness darkens dark, dark left and right: darkness darkens dark, dark north and south. Darkness directs two directions then four directions, omnipresent and oppressive. Darkness dooms nights and night, and near no night that knocks dark, and the dark shines. The dark shimmers night then nights, and night fills fulfills forest fright. Creatures cudgel cuddle forest furnace, a fern flows foolstead and forest flows dark and night.

My breath is corrupt

My breath is corrupt, my days are extinct, the graves are ready for me

My breath is corrupt: corrupt Benjamin breathes Christ. Corrupt Benjamin breathes Christina, a calling clipped to the name Christian. Call Christian: cleave Christian: cling Christian. Christian names and numerates Benjamin Joseph, and I expire sacrament. I inspire sacrament, a sacred vision, and corrupt sin transforms into Christian redemption.

My days are extinct: I exhale day, and devonian ending. I inhale beginning and ending, the slaying and extinction of Leviathan and Sinuous Serpent. I exhale Christian, which does not extinct although I aim the axe towards it, and Christian cries and accumulates as hydra, days multiplying.

The graves are ready for me: graves groan for kenosis and incarnation. Graves gallop towards Christ’s birth and body, awaiting corrupt crucifixion and carnal extinction. I keep the name Christian carnal, faith in my flesh and I boast of my body. I beat my body and bare my breast Christ and Christina, Christian Male and Female and Christian without Male and Female. The graves ready for Christian resurrection: my Christian resurrection.