For Yahweh Your God is a Devouring Fire

For Yahweh your God is a devouring fire, a jealous God

For Yahweh: Four Yahweh: Yahweh adjoined and honed jointed Woman. Yahweh adjoined and herned jointed Female, Male and Female and Man and Woman: Four and between and beyond Four. Four for Yahweh and Yahweh for four, four females, four males, four men, four women, in concordance and concord. Four forms God: four forces God Trinity and Trinity extended. The God fours for four and God fours by four, a new generation and new revelation. The four for God develops devouring: devouring flame devouring foam devouring flesh, and the fire fours Male and Female, jealous in their marriage and jealous in their bondage, either a God and jealous God.

Yahweh spoke face to face with you on the mountain out of the fire

Yahweh spoke: Yahweh speaks: Yahweh spreads the spoils. Each spoke wheels Woman whirls Woman witnesses Woman. The speaking limits vocabulary but not vision, and vision views face to face and flesh to flesh with Yahweh: face to face, the image of us Male and Female: flesh to flesh the image of us Man and Woman. The mountain regulates and testifies as Sinai and Horeb; the mountain transforms and transfigures as Tabor, and fire tests all and hardens all, Heaven and Hell harbored and hovered humanity, the strength of Son and Spirit.

Out of the fire, the cloud, and the thick darkness

Out of the ossuary: out in the tomb Taryn: out outer darkness and gnashing gnosis, fire: fire heat her and fire firm finding but never finishes Sophia-Lovingkindness, and her wisdom whims flame. Her wisdom clutches cloud, dense depths in air and aero, the meet above and below in firmament and ascension, and ascent asserts Taryn thick in pregnancy, thick in pause and selah, and she births Benjamin thick darkness and outer darkness, the desert to the Kingdom.


For I – Yahweh Declares

For I – Yahweh declares – shall be a wall of fire all around her and I shall be the Glory within her

For Flesh inherits the impossible: flesh inherits as sons and adopts in Adonai, and I illicits the possible proposed impossible, the impassible Logos. I to America: I to Apartment and Artist, and I shaken shaman nation, and beyond nation: the same God and I Am for Jews and Gentiles, Greeks and Barbarians, and I boast as a barbarian Benjamin before the Lord. Battle barriers, blundgeon barriers, break barriers: barrier between I and I Am. I Am Yahweh and I Am Yahweh declares, and I declare a banner over me bringing being above and below, and below bellows above, bitumen in marriage and matrix. Matrix wells walls and Woman. Matrix wheels walls and Word. She sons a honeycomb, each hexagon a harness to hell and heaven, and the Christ combs encloses all sweet and sweeter eating. Wall whistles Woman on fire and in fire, a flame fusing old and new hues her, and fire finds all around: all sounds all sources all spirits, and Yahweh glories in her. Yahweh glories in the gamut and continuum of Shekinah and Sophia, and Yahweh hosts within Woman, a female cradle and comforter.

Krystal Christina Taryn, part 4


If she pulls down, there is no rebuilding
If she imprisons, there is no release.
If she holds back the waters, there is draught
If she lets them loose, the earth is overwhelmed

She unveils mysteries deep in obscurity and into thick darkness she brings light.
She leads people astray and destroys them,
She lays them low and there they lie.


She gorged on the right, but still hungered
She devoured on the left, but still went unsatisfied
She devoured the flesh of her own Kindred
Christina devoured Benjamin and Benjamin Christina, and together they were against Yahweh.


She caught hold of me and kissed me; brazenly she accosted me and said, I had a sacrifice, an offering, to make and I have paid my vows today; so I came out to meet you, to look for you, and now I have found you. I have spread coverings on my couch, colored linen from Egypt. I have perfumed moved with myrrh, aloes, and cassia. Come let us drown ourselves in pleasure! let us abandon ourselves to a night of loveā€¦

I followed her like an ox to be slaughtered
Like an antelope bounding into a noose
Like a bird hurrying into a trap

Many she has wounded and laid low. Her victims are without number. Her house is the entrance to Sheol leading down to the halls of death.

Job Joy In Jehovah

Job joy in Jehovah, you wretched ring, ringlets by elflocks Benjamin boils black plague / plague bubonic bucolic the dead drained to paradise. Job Joshua at Jericho, and I spy spirit as a harlot holy horror hospitality. Woman walls in wall, Rahab ring red primordial goddess, and her straw strings me slain in the spirit spied by spokes, and I escape red, the cord Christ in blood. Red rules Blood, mara in Moon and Mars, and blood binds Book and Harvest. Blood bursts raiders as vandal vision killing cool by the hand of YHVH as Ha-Satan, and I claim chain both host as my adversary. YHVH Sabaoth, my adversary-avenger-archangel, Ancient of Ancient foes in the guise of Great Dragons and Apocalytic Women, you war with me an entity in enmity, but she shall strike your head holy holy holy, the Christ crowned in thorns torn completes thee. I join Job a first prophet and a prophet in flesh feeling his own flesh sick by spirit and wounded by woman, but she mines diamond depths as wisdom beyond wisdom, the garment and guardian of God. I join Job my hands harvest in poetry prophecy pornography, the mirror to Mary, and she inks icon my illness and veil vision my madness, the curtain cropped my shoulders shudder a double portion of the mad mantle. Jeer in Job: join in Jehovah the jubilant jubilee year free by flesh, and flesh falls foster absolute freedom absolute hospitality by harlotry. Jehovah juxtaposes me between orthodoxy and heresy, sabled by sin and salvation, and he signs me two and trinity simultaneous: trine triplicity and multiplicity, X exponentiated exposed nude revelation in nudes, and I near the Father in Flesh. I close in on Son in Sin. I speak Spirit in Serpent. I sell myself to the sin of slavery to exceed Job in Jubilee; in Jubilee I gender Jesus, the Christ-Christina in two and three, and I hevel Human Being. Benjamin breath beast and creature cuts Baptist blood anew, a balsam and baltic binding Book: pages pour prophecy. Pages pour wisdom woman and Job Messiah, the she suffering servant. Book predilects priestess in perfection, the prostitute who welcomes, and I climb her cord to salvation.

Turn thee unto me

Turn thee unto me, and have mercy upon me; for I am desolate and afflicted.

Turn thee unto me Trinity: Turn thee unto me Taryn in Three. Turn trine and turn true, and I tune my trust to you.

Have mercy Mother: Have mercy Marie: Have mercy Mary and mediate for me.

I dune dark and desolate: I despair desolate and desert: drag me from my depths. Draw me from the well as your living water, my Jesus.

Adonai afflicts me and Adonai anoints me: Adonai aims his arrows at me and snaps the spears of my enemies. Bind what you have wounded: heal what you have broken. Break not my body but break bread with me.

Hear my prayer, O Lord

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Hear me, Yahweh: hear heat as Lord of Hosts, Yahweh Saboath, and be my Saturday and Sabbath. Hosts hug close heaven and hell, and you have hedged me hell: you hedge me hallway and hector as harlot, and I lay scarlet for my Sabbath. Hear and hear: hear as her and here.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Prayer and pray, Benjamin: pray peace and pray person and pray pestilence: pestilence pours on my person and no peace but its purge. I pray the penalty pain without my personal Yahweh, and Yahweh painstakingly pains me. Yahweh paints me pain depths lain deaths pain desolate. I pray for you, Yahweh.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Lord, listen: Lord do not lose me but let me live in your light. Let me live lasting Lovingkindness: do not hide your face and flesh from me. Do not hide your intercession and incarnation: immerse me by blood in Jesus. Erase my burden the birds bore Benjamin from the Book, but listen and let me live in your flesh.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Cry Christ: cry Krystal: cry Christina. I cry for my Christ christened and chrismed in the women living syzygy and synergistically, and I cry healing, Lord: I cry power O power: I cry poison O poison, and your position and flesh proves pharmakon to my sense and sin.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Thee and to thee, Taryn: thee and to thee, tempest: thee and to thee terrible temptation, and Yaweh tempts me do not lead me into temptation. Thee to Trinity, and Godhead governs but gifts me as ghost, to your absence, Lord. Lord you ail absent and will wilderness: rescue your servant.

Hear my prayer, O Lord, and let my cry come unto thee.

Credo, part 2

I am Christian and I am bisexual:
I am bisexual and I am Christian:
I cannot separate and sever the two. My bisexuality strengthens my Christianity and my Christianity strengthens my bisexuality.

I affirm God created divers and sundry genders and sexualities. God’s creation is a beautiful continuum. God’s creation is wondrous and mysterious and my sexuality is part of that creation, and God looks upon it and it is very good.

I affirm support for my fellow LGBT+ persons, including and especially LGBT+ Christians. I pray that we may not be shunned from the church at large but be welcomed and affirmed fully within the holy catholic Church.